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Removing Barriers

The Job Spot was designed as a multi-agency location created to better serve adults facing education and employment barriers in South Bakersfield. Hosting multiple resources in one spot, we try to eliminate the need for adults to travel to multiple locations for education and employment services.

How Do I Enroll In Classes?

Bakersfield Adult School Enrollment
Individuals wanting to take Bakersfield Adult School Classes here at the Job Spot must first go to the main campus on South Mount Vernon to take the CASAS assessment test. 

Bakersfield College Enrollment

BC Enrollment – If you would like to enroll in Bakersfield College classes, please stop by in person to speak with one of our BC team members! Call 661-396-4992


Need to find a job, create or improve your resume? Come see us and meet with our Career Planner today!

Currently Not Taking Appointments

Job Fest Kern County provides individuals and organizations information regarding employment opportunities, job search tips and information as well as Job Fest events that are held throughout the year.

Job Opening Information

General career services available include resume and cover letter writing, applications, internships, foreign degree consultations, and college transfers.

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Need to find a job, create or improve your resume? Come see us and meet with our Career Planner today!

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Job Spot in the News 

KBFX Eyewitness News

Ribbon-cutting held for Bakersfield Adult School’s Job SpotRibbon-cutting held for Bakersfield Adult School’s Job Spot

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23 ABC News

Job Spot opening in Bakersfield, information on local jobs and educational resources



With the opening of the Job Spot, the Kern High School District’s Adult School program took another turn at enhancing its offerings to students.


23 ABC News

Kern Back in Business: Arvin announces bus route to Bakersfield job resource center

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Our Community Partners

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The Job Spot Team

Bakersfield Adult School Administration

Terrence Banks 

Job Spot Coordinator

Bakersfield Adult School Instructor

James Hendricks

ESL, Citizenship

Bakersfield Adult School Instructor

Rosa Canchan


Bakersfield Adult School Instructor

Carey Keene

Independent Study

Bakersfield Adult School Campus Supervisor

Latonya Perry


Bakersfield Adult School Staff Secretary 

Joselyn Salazar

Staff Secretary 

Bakersfield College Administration

Endee Grijalva

Adult Education Program Manager, South Kern

Bakersfield College

Lupe Aguirre

Educational Advisor

Bakersfield College

Thalia Solorio

Data Specialist


Bakersfield College

Jessica Martinez

Support Specialist

Bakersfield College

Samantha Guillory

Academic Liaison